Increase bathroom safety for seniors
The bathroom is an especially dangerous place for seniors – hard surfaces, small spaces, lots of corners and edges, and slippery water sets the perfect stage for accidents and falls.
So, we found 10 simple and effective products that improve bathroom safety for seniors.
They make it easier for your older adult to take care of everyday needs, reduce the risk of falls, and help them remain as independent as possible.
Having the confidence to safely perform personal tasks like using the toilet or bathing boosts your older adult’s self-esteem and mood. And increased safety means less worrying for you.

10 helpful bathroom safety products for seniors

1) $16 Kohree automatic plug-in LED night light (2 pack)
Automatic night lights help seniors see their path and reduce fall risk when going to the bathroom at night.

2) $27 Drive Medical raised toilet seat with arms
An easy-to-install raised toilet seat makes it easier for older adults to sit down and get up from the toilet. This reduces the chance of falling or not being able to get up from the seat.

3) $37 Medline toilet safety frame with arms
A toilet safety frame gives seniors a helpful guide and support when using the toilet. This model is adjustable to accommodate different toilet heights and the width that suits your older adult best.

4) $27 Medline bathtub safety grab bar, locks to side of tub
This bar locks onto the side of the bathtub to give your older adult an extra hand-hold when they’re stepping in and out of the tub. No tools are needed for installation and rubber-lined pads prevent the tub surface from being damaged.

5) $16-32 Moen bathroom grab bar, varying lengths
Wall-mounted grab bars provide secure support to prevent slips and falls. Mount them next to the toilet and/or in the bath and shower.

6) $132 Stander floor to ceiling pole grab bar
Sometimes you can’t install a grab bar where you need one. Or, you might not want a permanent one. A great solution is to use a floor to ceiling pole grab bar. These can be easily installed anywhere (no tools!) and aren’t permanent.

7) $21 3M Scotch gripping tape (5 yards)
Add this thin, flexible high-grip tape to grab bars and handrails so your older adult will have a secure hold even if their hands are wet or oily or if they don’t have a strong grip. It’s also designed for easy removal.

8) $28 Tub Grip Clear anti-slip bathtub coating
This clear, non-slip treatment for bathtubs and shower floors is highly rated and works better than stick-on products which will eventually come off or get mildew-y and slippery. There’s a handy video showing how to prepare the tub or shower and apply the coating.

9) $24 Delta handheld shower head
This easy-to-install handheld shower head makes it easy for seniors to sit or stand while bathing.

10) $140 Duro-Med heavy-duty sliding transfer bench and shower chair
This sliding transfer bench makes it easy for seniors to get into a standard tub with very little effort. It’s especially helpful for those who are frail or have limited mobility. A cut-out makes it easy to wash private parts while seated.

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