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Many people who want to be entertained at home have turned to cable TV. But, in recent times the trend has changed, and these same people now want to get rid of this often expensive service to find more cost-effective streaming services or some other way to occupy their free time. In addition to price, there are different reasons why older adults should get rid of cable TV. We have listed them below.

Money Savings

This might seem too obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. By getting rid of the cable you will save money. Seniors who have low, fixed incomes have a lot to gain by removing this service. They will cut one of their monthly expenses and will have more at their disposal. Many seniors who have done this have spent their cash wiser on travel and hobbies.

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More Time for Fitness

Exercising is healthy for seniors. With their fragile bodies and age, they don’t need to rest more; what they need is 30 minutes of working out every day. The main reason why most seniors fail to produce exercise daily is that they would rather watch cable TV. When they part ways with cable, they are more likely to go out, find a hobby, go to a gym, or engage themselves in some other physical activity.

Limit Television Time and Boost Productivity

Logically, elderly adults who cut cable will spend less time in front of the television. They will have fewer channels to choose from, so they won’t spent all of their free time there. Without cable, seniors have a chance to be more productive, spend more time with their family, be more social, read more, and spend more time in nature. Most of these activities are good for preventing loneliness and depression.

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