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Dentures serve many purposes. They restore seniors’ confidence by giving them a nice-looking smile, and at the same time, it allows them to consume food easily. But there is also a downside to them. While it gives them the chance to eat a variety of foods once again, there are some foods which need to be avoided. That’s why we have compiled a list of…

4 Foods That Older Adults With Dentures Must Avoid


Eating popcorn is difficult even when you have your natural teeth. For the elderly who wear dentures, the pieces of popcorn can lodge between the dentures and irritate the gums. Bigger pieces can also break the dentures if you bite too hard. Seniors that like the popping sensation their mouth can try to eat rice cake instead.

Solid Meats

If your elderly loved one loves to eat steak, chops, or ribs, dentures are going to cause problems for them. Eating solid meats is not an easy task if you have artificial teeth. Seniors who eat them nonetheless should cut the meat into small pieces for easier chewing. If they want to enjoy meat without any issues, they should opt for pulled or ground meats.

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4 Foods that older adults with dentures must avoid 1
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Whole Nuts

Nuts are one of the worst foods that can get under your dentures. If they get stuck underneath, they can be very painful. Also, many people chew nuts only with one side of the mouth. This way, they can make the other side loose. If elderly want an alternative for nuts, they should try out olives.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

While fruits and vegetables are incredibly healthy for older adults, certain types of F&V can be too hard to bite. When eating an apple or pear, you put too much pressure on your front teeth. This can cause the dislodging of your dentures. Other fruits and vegetables that are hard to bite are carrots, celery, avocado, etc. Most of these can be eaten if you make a tasty juice or smoothie out of them.

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