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If you are taking care of your loved one, owning a holistic first aid kit is a must. This kit can aid in handling various injuries or ailments. It is also essential to introduce the elderly to the items it contains. This should be done, so they can know what to do if the need arises to use these items by themselves. You should start with a limited number of items, only expanding its number with time, as seniors get adjusted to using it.

4 Items Every Holistic First Aid Kit Should Have

Activated Charcoal

This substance has the ability to trap toxins in its small pores. Healthcare professionals even suggest that older adults should consume 500mg of activated charcoal before every meal in order to avoid having gas. If the elderly get accidentally poisoned, they should also use charcoal.

Cayenne Powder

If you have a headache or a migraine, eating a small amount of this powder will help you. It also has the ability to prevent blood from clotting. If you get cut, try putting cayenne powder on the wound; it will do the trick. For elderly adults that have joint issues, it can also stop aching.

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4 items every holistic first aid kit should have 1
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In case your loved one has a fever, you can use chamomile to lower the temperature. It also can cure pinkeye. Making a cup of chamomile tea can help your loved one fall to sleep easier. When added to a hot bath, it can relieve sore muscles.

Peppermint Oil

Elderly adults who have issues with breathing should make sure they have peppermint oil in their holistic first aid kit. It can help them clear head congestion and remove dizziness. If rubbed onto the sore muscles, it can relive seniors of some pain. It is also great against itches, as it can stop them when applied to the skin.

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