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Dementia is usually described as memory loss or a problem with thinking, but in fact, it is much more. If you are living with dementia, or know someone who is, you’re probably aware of certain things regarding the disease. However, there are numerous myths about dementia and we’ve decided to bust the most common ones – once and for all.

Dementia Only Means Memory Loss

Wrong! A person suffering from this illness can have other symptoms as well, such as communication difficulties, changes in behavior, disorientation, developing hallucinations and delusions, and more. Every person can experience different symptoms.

Dementia is Inevitable Once You Get Old

This is just one of many myths about dementia. The likelihood of getting the disease does increase with age, but it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will get it.

Myths About Dementia Busted
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Dementia is the Same as Alzheimer’s

Nope, these two are not the same. Dementia is used as an umbrella term for the symptoms listed above. Alzheimer’s is just one type. There is also vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and dementia with Lewy bodies. For more on Alzheimer’s, read here.

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My Parents Have Dementia, So I Will Get It Too

No. …Well, usually no. Only 1% of dementia patients got the disease because they were carrying a gene from their parents. These people can express symptoms even in their 30s, and getting it has nothing to do with aging. However, 99% of other cases are not genetically related, so we can call it busted. It is just another myth about dementia and you shouldn’t worry of getting the disease just because someone in your family has it.

These are only some of the numerous myths about dementia, and there are many more out there waiting to be busted. Find out if a proper diet can prevent dementia, or if it’s just another myth.


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