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There are more and more seniors working even after they retire. Some of them want to earn a few extra bucks so they can live more comfortably, while others are not satisfied with the pension they receive. Many elderly adults try to find ways to save money, but don’t forget that when you retire, you usually have a lot of free time.  Nowadays, there are plenty of part-time jobs for the elderly, so check them out.


There are many seniors taking care of their own grandchildren. So why not try to find a part-time job as a babysitter? Ask around if anyone needs one. Perhaps your children and friends know someone who needs a babysitter.

Educational Facilities

If you are willing to share your knowledge, you can even consider part-time teaching at universities. But not just that; for teaching, you need to have an expertise in a certain field, but for a librarian or office assistant, you don’t need any.

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part time jobs for elderly
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If you have expertise in something, offer your knowledge to certain companies. You can even start your own company which offers consulting services. However, be careful of one thing. More money usually means working overtime, so try to find the balance.


Thanks to the internet, new jobs are created every day. Freelance writing is one of them. It existed even before the web, but with the growth of internet, it has seen some expansion. This doesn’t take a lot of time and you can do it from home. Sometimes you don’t even have to be an expert in a certain area, but it is much better if you are knowledgeable about specific topics.

If your income is not sufficient, and for some reason you cannot do even part-time work, check out tips on how to make extra money in retirement without needing to find a job.


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