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Professional caregivers consider hobbies as a part of therapy for older adults. Even doctors believe that if the elderly have activities that are fun, it can benefit their overall health. Having a hobby is especially important for seniors with limited mobility. If you’er curious what these could be, you’re in luck. Below we have listed four perfect hobbies for older adults with limited mobility.


Color therapy is rapidly becoming popular among the older population. Just like for children, we now have coloring books, pencils, and markers for the elderly. The books contain pictures with subjects that vary from flowers to architectural shapes. Today, you even have libraries that organize coloring days for seniors and everyone else who has this hobby. In addition to being fun, this activity can increase dexterity, improve motor skills, and lubricate seniors’ joints.

Stamp Collecting

Collecting stamps is a fascinating hobby which is relatively cheap. Becoming a philatelist can also keep seniors’ minds sharp and healthy. This activity will definitely improve the social life of an older adult. Stamps have history behind them and are considered pieces of art by many, so this would prompt a conversation between collectors.

4 perfect hobbies for older adults with limited mobility 1
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Playing Cards

Playing cards will improve seniors’ social life, but it will also benefit their eyesight. Looking at cards and continually moving them will strengthen the eye nerves and enhance focus in their vision. Also, playing games that are competitive will boost brain activity, as it will make the elderly multitask at times.


Many seniors love to tell stories from their past. But instead sharing these only with friends and family, they could opt to write them down and publish via an online blog. By writing stories from past life experiences, the elderly will keep both their brain and hands active. Another contributing factor can be that, after completing a blog, an older adult will have all of their stories in one place. This activity is especially recommended for seniors who have arthritis.

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