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Since the number of elderly in the United States is larger than ever, we’re in need of long-term healthcare -much more now than even a decade ago. There are several options for seniors, and an assisted living facility is one of them. If you are not sure whether or not this is the right solution, read more about it here. In this article, we will focus more on the questions you should ask when choosing an assisted living facility.

What to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility?

In order to get the appropriate facility, first think of the help your loved one needs.

What Kind of Help is Required?

Does your loved one needs help with everyday activities, such as bathing, grooming, or eating, and do they require skilled nursing care? First, get a medical evaluation of your loved one and then, based on the results, see what kind of help he/she needs from their healthcare.


questions when choosing an assisted living facility
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How Good Is the Care?

First of all, you should check if the facility you’re considering has a license to operate. Also, have there been some complaints about their work? You can also ask about what they would do in certain situations – for example, in case of a certain illness, fall, etc. That way you can check if the nurses have trained enough and are well prepared for emergency situations.

What Am I Actually Paying?

Check if Medicaid covers these services. This varies by state, but one thing is certain – Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care!

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What Are the Discharge Terms?

When choosing an assisted living facility, this last question should always be asked. Make sure you are aware of the discharge terms. In other words, find out under what conditions your loved one can be kicked out of the facility. This way, there will be no surprises.

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