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Many seniors deal with dementia, and this disease can cause permanent damage to their memory. Families that have a senior with dementia often have difficulties and face many challenges. According to homecare professionals, there are many reasons for dementia and memory loss. Below we have listed four reasons, along with a few tips on how to keep your loved ones a bit safer from these situations.

4 Reasons for Cognitive Degeneration in Older Adults

Physical Injuries

The leading cause of memory loss in seniors is physical trauma. If an older adult experienced a head injury, they are at higher risk of having difficulties with speaking, paying attention, solving problems, learning, reasoning, and even thinking. If you want to stop the progress of memory loss, consider sending your loved one to recreational therapy. This therapy could help them boost their ability to process information, understand, and communicate better.

Poor Diet

In order to keep your brain functions working correctly, a healthy diet is necessary. Seniors who have poor eating habits are in danger of losing some of their brain functions. If your body is unable to convert tryptophan into neurotransmitters, the brain won’t be able to function normally because of a lack of energy. To have both your body and mind working as they should, consult a nutritionist to choose a healthy diet.

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If older adults have a terrible habit of smoking, they are in danger of memory loss. Tobacco from cigarettes is the main reason for a decline in brain volume among seniors. If a senior has been smoking their entire life, they might lose various cognitive and memory functions in their brain. Quit smoking immediately and this could slow the progression of dementia and memory loss.


Memory impairment can be caused by prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Some of these medications can cause side effects that can affect the brain. Some meds hurt brain cells, and while they are useful for treating something else, they can have an adverse impact on seniors’ cognitive functions and memory.

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