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Seniors who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s react to music like anyone else. When they hear sounds they like, a chemical is released in their brain that makes them feel good. Incorporating music into the daily activities of your loved one can improve their mood, appetite, attention span, and memory.

How to Incorporate Music Into Alzheimer’s care

Listen to Music Together

Listening to music can make seniors feel more closely connected to others, both physically and emotionally. For the elderly with later stages of Alzheimer’s, it can be difficult to express their feelings. But, if they listen to music, it can make them dance, which could cause them to share physical contact with others through handhold or hugging. This type of interaction can evoke pleasant memories in older adults.

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Read Lyrics Together

Even after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, elderly adults can still enjoy reading. You can bring music closer to them by printing lyrics of their favorite songs and letting your loved ones read them. This might be a fun way to enjoy both music and lyrics, which at the same time, demand positive brain reaction.

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Watch Music Videos

The best way for elderly adults with Alzheimer’s to enjoy music is by watching music videos on the TV or via a smartphone. By enjoying music through both visual and sound effects, senior brains will become active. It is a great way to bring old memories back to them and spark positive thoughts.

Play Music in the Background While Doing Chores

It is essential for older adults to continue their daily activities even after they have been diagnosed with this disease. With time, as the disease advances, seniors will have less interest in their old activities, hobbies, and pastimes. Making it easier for them to retain some of their old habits could be done if you play music while they’re active.

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