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Many seniors see smoking as a part of their lifestyle. But, as cool as it might look, tobacco can lead to various life-threatening conditions. In today’s age of advertisement, you can see on every corner commercials that tell you just how bad this habit is. Thanks to this, many people have become aware of the risks that smoking carries. That is why many older adults are trying to quit.

In order to help seniors leave tobacco behind, we have compiled a list of four tips for seniors trying to quit smoking.

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Stay Away From Triggers

Many factors trigger cravings for a smoke. Some people are triggered by the company they are in or by drinking alcohol. Some people even have a location trigger. When they find themselves in familiar surroundings, they have an urge to light up a cigarette. In order to quit, older adults need to avoid places and people that trigger the need for smoke in them.

Always Have a Snack With You

According to various studies, simple things like chewing gum, candy, or eating a healthy snack can reduce the desire to smoke a cigarette. Seniors who have issues with smoking should always carry a small meal with them to help when the need for tobacco arises.

4 tips for elderly trying to quit smoking
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Be Surrounded By Supportive People

Being in the company of friends or family who give you support in kicking the habit can be a dominating factor in your success. Being around your children and grandchildren will make you want to live longer and healthier in order to be close to them for an extended period of time.

Find a Hobby

Seniors who have a lot of free time on their hands tend to indulge in smoking. Finding a hobby or a distraction that will keep their mind from this destructive habit can be essential in the process of quitting cigarettes.

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