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Fall is the time of year when many elderly adults love to spend time with their grandchildren. But if their young loved ones are already in school, time can become an issue. Because of this, we are going to talk about autumn activities that can be done with little to no time at your disposal. We hope that both your grandchild and you find these enjoyable and make them a regular thing.

Make Leaf Piles

One of the first signs of autumn are the leaves that fall from the trees. Almost all people hate collecting leaves before the winter and cleaning the yard, but you can make this activity a fun one. If you rake leaves together with your grandchildren, you can let them jump in the pile, which can be very entertaining for them. It will also make raking leaves great fun.

To make lasting memories from this event, you can take photos which will always remind you of the fun of the past. When jumping and photo-shooting is over, the grandchildren can be a big help to you in putting the leaves in bags. This way you can combine the fun of this activity with work that needs to be done and do the job faster.

5 Fun Autumn Activities to Do with the Grandkids
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Spend Time Outside

To spend time with your grandchildren, you possibly don’t need a strict activity planned. All that you need to do is go outside with them, which is always an excellent idea. Being stuck inside is no fun for anyone. Some of the things you can do while outdoors are picking apples or going to a pumpkin patch. Another thing is a hayride, which when added to this mix can create lifelong memories for both you and your grandchildren.

5 Fun Autumn Activities to Do with the Grandkids



So if apples and pumpkins are brought home, you can make great use of them. With them at your disposal, you can make apple pie or pumpkin bread. Baking with your grandchildren is a fantastic thing, as putting hands in flour and tasting apples can be great for bonding. In the end, making pies or bread from these fruits will be a treat for the entire family. Furthermore, if you have a family recipe that runs in the family, this is an excellent opportunity to pass it on to your grandchildren.

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5 Fun Autumn Activities to Do with the Grandkids


Decorate Fall Trees

New things that they have never seen before are what attract children’s attention. So it would be ideal that you as their grandparent show them something they never saw before. One of the things we recommend is making tree faces with them. You don’t need many things to do this. Mud, pinecones, acorns, or pine needles will do the trick. The things you can do with this cannot be counted. When you finish, you can put the tree face in your yard to remind you of the time spent with your grandchildren throughout the entire autumn.

Make Slime Recipes

Slime is one of the reasons why spending time with your grandchildren is best in autumn. If you are looking for an indoor activity, there’s no better than making slime. It is easy to make and a lot of fun. Not to mention that kids in grade school adore it. The only ingredients you need are white school glue, borax, food coloring, and water. Adding some sparkles will light it up, so you could also do that.

So if you were looking for something to do with your grandchildren during the autumn, these ideas should help you. Great fun combined with creating memories is all you could wish for. Now, all you need to do is wait for autumn. Don’t worry it’s right around the corner.

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