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One of the best and funniest pastimes for the elderly is definitely playing cards. There are also a ton of health benefits in playing this social game. Below you will find five reasons why older adults should play cards.

It Relieves Stress

Stress is one of leading reasons for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and various other health conditions. By giving your loved one a simple card deck, you could keep them away from chronic stress. Playing cards will keep you elderly’s body and mind relaxed, thus reducing the levels of stress hormones produced.

It Boosts the Immune System

The one thing that happens to all people when they age is that their immune system gets weaker. But, by playing cards, they can boost their immune system. The reason is simple. By playing cards, their prefrontal cortex, which is assigned to the immune system, gets more simulation. Also some card games, such as bridge, increases T cell production. As you know, these cells fight off infections.

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5 reasons why older adults should play cards 1
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It Helps with Memory Function

Playing cards stimulates the brain and prevents its decline. A stimulated brain continues to produce brain cells, and it keeps functioning normally. So, playing cards is not only helping in keeping the mind healthy, but it also improves its health and overall function.

Improves Motor Skills

If your elderly loved one has issues with hand-to-eye coordination, playing cards could help them resolve this problem. Dexterity can be improved by seniors merely holding the cards in their hands. Depending on the game, keeping the cards in their hands for shorter or more extended periods is beneficial in both ways. Also, shuffling the cards improves reflexes.

It Provokes Socialization

Some older adults live alone in their golden years, which can be unhealthy for them. It can make them feel isolated, lonely, and even depressed. By playing cards with family members, friends, neighbors, and even caregivers, the elderly can have a vivid social life.

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