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Older adults are, more than any other age group, at risk of developing dementia and memory loss. Luckily for them, there are many ways to improve brain health. If you are a senior, or you want someone close to you to preserve their brain functions, here are few tips on how seniors can improve their brain health.

Learn Something New

Despite their age and vast life experience, elderly should always look to learn something new. Home care professionals encourage seniors to try and learn a new language, new hobby, or anything that they can think of. If they dedicate themselves to learning something new, their brain will be more active and thus healthier.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress can be extremely damaging to a senior’s brain. This is why elderly should avoid stressful situations and try to manage stress level whenever they can. Ways to relax when they feel stress is by taking a hot bath, spending time with friends and family, get a massage, or by exercising.

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Socialization is good for brain health. A lack of it can be very damaging. This is why elderly should look to spend time with people, both old and new. Building a relationship or making friendships has a positive effect on memory retention and brain activity. Together with reducing stress through socialization, elderly adults will also avoid loneliness and depression.

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Attend Classes

Older adults should find a class that teaches on a subject that interests them. These courses are available at community colleges, libraries, and community centers. Through taking these classes, elderly will also be able to socialize more.

Play Games

Many games are beneficial for brain health. Sudoku, word searches, crossword puzzles, and puzzles are just some of the games which will stimulate the brain. Luckily for seniors, most of these games are now available online, so they won’t even have to leave their house to play one of them.

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