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Hearing loss is a standard occurrence in older adults. While some types of hearing issues can’t be avoided, there are those that can be handled in order to reduce the consequences. Below you will find five ways to ward off a hearing loss in seniors.

Take Care of Ear Hygiene

Those seniors who are prone to building earwax should take more care about ear hygiene than others that are not. If the amount of earwax is too significant in your ears, it can cause a blockage which will reduce your hearing ability. Ears should be cleaned but not by cotton swabs. The best way to clean the earwax is by using ear drops or an irrigation kit.

Buy Hearing Protectors

Hearing can be damaged if you are exposed to loud noises. Those older adults who are in contact with loud noise should start wearing protective gear. Earplugs can reduce the outside noise by 30 decibels. Another solution can be earmuffs.

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Quit Smoking

Although many people can’t find a connection between the loss of hearing and smoking, there are a couple. Smoking tightens the blood vessels through the body which can reduce the ability of ears to translate sound vibrations into electrical impulses. Also, nicotine is prone to damaging neurotransmitters that have a function of processing sound in the auditory nerve.

Be Careful When You Chose Home Appliances

The elderly should choose appliances that have certified low noise ratings if they want to reduce the chances of hearing loss. Most of home appliances, from blenders to garbage disposals, are available in reduced noise models.

Talk with a Doctor About Prescriptions

Older adults that take prescribed medications should consult their doctor if those meds can affect the hearing. There are more than 200 registered medications that can damage hearing. The first sign that drugs are changing your ears is tinnitus. This state causes a ringing in your ears. If the damage becomes more severe, it can influence balance and the ability to lead a normal conversation.

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