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Many caregivers in the world have a full-time job. But it can prove difficult at times to be entirely dedicated to your career, while still providing the best care possible. The pressure to keep up with both duties can be immense. Just giving your best, or even trying your best, can seem impossible. Sometimes you can’t be at two locations at once, and you can’t always ask friends for help. Being a top-notch caregiver with a full-time job can be done, however.

Here are seven tips on how to cope with it.

How to Be a Caregiver with a Full-Time Job

Inform Your Employer

Keeping your full-time job in the loop about your other commitments is wise, both to take pressure off yourself and to give them room for preparation. If they know you’re responsible for someone else’s well-being, they may give you additional time off, be more flexible in your hours, or at least more understanding when conflicting schedules arise. Many companies will even allow you paid time off if you are a dedicated caregiver.

You Don’t Have to Work Full-Time

Caregiving is hard work, but it’s important to remember: Don’t work yourself to death! Work part-time, or even from home. This might allow you to be more dedicated to both posts, without running yourself into the dirt. You’re providing an essential service and it’s alright to ease the workload if possible.

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Discover If You’re Eligible for Compensation.

If you switch from a full-time to a part-time job, you might be able to get benefits. There are insurance programs and veteran benefits that make this possible for caregivers.

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Make Those Around You Aware of Your Responsibilities

Family and friends, should they know the commitments you’ve made, may be able to help you. If you surround yourself with understanding people ready to help when needed, your life could change for the better. For example, they may be able to handle extra social obligations, be more willing to reschedule holidays or events, or even help you with caretaking.

Day Care Centers for Seniors

When you are a caregiver with a full-time job, a day care center for seniors may be your saving grace. Especially if you’re caring for a family member, these places provide your loved one with additional supervision when you’re not around and also social entertainment to keep them happy if you can’t spend extra time with them. Check your community for these places, and you will find one worth your consideration.

Never Lose Faith

This road you are taking might be hard to conquer. But, worry not, it is possible with a lot of commitment to achieve success in both fields.

Don’t Lose Track of Yourself

Caregivers with full-time career get dragged in two directions, and they can lose track of themselves. Make sure this doesn’t happen. Put your well being first, take time to practice self-care, and above everything else, allow yourself time to breath. Only with this outlook will you be able to accomplish both in the long-run.

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