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The main reason behind high blood pressure is sodium. It can be found everywhere, so it is quite important to know what foods are rich in this element. Avoiding, or at least limiting, the amount of sodium you take in every day has a huge impact on preventing stroke and heart diseases. So let’s check what foods raise blood pressure.

Table Salt

One teaspoon of sea salt contains an amount of sodium close to the daily amount recommended by the American Heart Association. And this is for people without any heart problems. According to studies, the average American consumes almost three times the recommend value.

Pizza, Sandwiches, and Fast Food

Yep, they are all rich in sodium – especially processed foods. You may want to think twice before eating out next time.

Dairy Products

This may comes as a surprise, but dairy products are among the foods that raise blood pressure. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating cheese and drinking milk, but pay attention to the amounts.


Consuming alcohol is fine, as long as men don’t exceed two drinks per day, while women should take ‘only’ one, an AHA study shows.

Foods That Raise Blood Pressure
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Added Sugar

Added sugar is everywhere! And this is something you probably already know. It can be as dangerous as sodium, or even worse according to some recent studies. Be careful with sodas and sugary drinks.

Energy Drinks

We strongly oppose the consumption of energy drinks. They don’t have any health benefits and have a tremendously negative effect on your heart condition.

Frozen Fish

Frozen sea food is last on the list of foods that raise blood pressure. There is usually no added sugar there, but such food is often rich in sodium – so as to preserve the food. Don’t eat frozen fish every day and always try to find the fresh kind.


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