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Regardless of your age, holidays can be both joyful and stressful experiences. Every family has its traditions at this time of year, and when you reach a certain age, it gets harder to appreciate them like you used to. This especially goes for your elderly loved ones if their physical and emotional state needs particular attention. The real issue is caregiving during the holidays. Caregivers need to balance between younger family members and seniors in order to adequately accommodate the needs of all.

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These 9 tips will help you to make your aging loved ones enjoy holidays like they used to.

  1. Make everything simple. In the mix-up between younger and older family members, you will need to find balance. Make sure that games, traditions, and even cooking plans are designed so your aging loved ones can participate, that way they don’t feel uncomfortable because of their age.
  2. Plan in advance. Caregiving during the holidays doesn’t need to be difficult. The holiday season always sneaks up on you. Be detailed in preparation, and include your elderly as much as you can.
  3. Talk with your loved ones. Remind them of the times past, let them share their memories.
  4. Design new memories. Make sure that while talking of the past, you think of the future. Create new memories in the present.
  5. Include old traditions! Create a plan that will ensure your family traditions carry on. Make your elderly proud about what they have conveyed to you.
  6. Keep in contact. If you are not in a condition to be with your elderly during holidays, make sure to at least be in contact. Celebrate with them despite the long distance.
  7. Talk to them about their friends, even about those that have passed away. They have stories to tell, and some of them will include death. Don’t avoid this subject.
  8. Try your best to avoid embarrassing moments.
  9. Pay attention to the use of alcohol and medications. Don’t let things mix-up.

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