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Not many people would put older adults, dancing, and ballet in the same sentence, but those three go together. They get along nicely. Even those who are over 60 can gain health benefits from practicing this dance. It’s not only intended for young people. Yes, being a dancer is a young man or woman’s dream, but it can also be something seniors do, enjoy, and reap the benefits of it.

Ballet for Senior Citizens

Ballet today is an activity that is quite suitable for older adults. It is all thanks to professional ballerina Vanessa Woods. During her career, she injured her leg, and while she was waiting for her injury to heal, she created ballet lessons for those who have physical impairments or issues with mobility.

Benefits of Ballet for Older Adults
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To create a version of ballet suitable for seniors, she created a set of dance moves which can be done even while sitting. This isn’t unexpected, as chairs are a part of ballet after all.

The Royal Academy of Dance in the United Kingdom followed her example, and they now have elderly ballet players known as the Silver Swans. Over the past few years, they have been working on encouraging more seniors to practice this activity. In the future, we will have a production of Swan Lake performed by older ballet dancers from the Scottish Ballet’s Regenerate Group. It is interesting to know that many male ballet players are taking up this activity in their golden age. After becoming widowed, these dancers found an activity that fulfills them and allows a new start in the late stages of life. Many said that becoming members of the Silver Swans had a significant impact on their confidence.

Exercises for Senior Citizens

This trend spread across the world, and many senior-oriented organizations in the United States now offer ballet lessons for elderly adults. If you are by any chance living in Florida, your loved one can attend these classes in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. But that’s not all, there are similar places offering more lessons in West Village, Central Harlem, and Long Island in New York, but also in Philadelphia and Ohio. There are probably more across the US, so you should inquire in your local community center.

Benefits of Ballet for Seniors

The first benefit of ballet is, of course, the possibility of hanging out with people of similar interests and age. But there are more. Those who practice this activity say that they have noticed changes in their posture, memory, and balance. All changes were for the better. All of this happens because you need to learn combinations of steps in order to perform ballet moves. Another important thing is to coordinate your body movements with music, which does wonders for balance.

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To be a better stage performer, you will also need to do a lot of stretching. This will release the muscles, straighten bones, and even stave off dementia. The latter occurs because you need to memorize and do many ballet moves and steps while on stage. In addition, your focus will also sharpen.

Another reason why ballet is ideal for older adults is the fact that it is a part of low-impact activities. Because of this, the chances of muscle or joint injuries are held at a minimum.

So if you or your loved one are looking for an activity which is fun while mentally and physically beneficial, you shouldn’t look further than ballet. Regardless of your physical condition, ballet can be right for you. It can suit anyone’s needs and abilities, but you need to start right away. You might regret not starting sooner with this one-of-a-kind activity.

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