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To quit smoking usually requires a lot of effort. Perhaps you have even tried several times in your life to stop smoking, but it didn’t work. In order to help you ending this bad habit, we gathered several tips for seniors who are trying to quit smoking. It is also good to know what the benefits of quitting cigars or cigarettes are for the elderly. Knowing these benefits will help you on your way. There are many positive aspects to ending this habit, but we decided to present the most important ones.

4 Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes for the Elderly

Improves Lung Function

Once you quit, you will immediately notice that your lung capacity is increased. You will breathe more easily, which means easier exercising as well. In general, your everyday life will become much better than it used to be.

Restores Senses

Did you know that smoking has a negative impact on your senses, especially on taste and smell? If you smoke for a long time, you are probably not aware of that. However, once you stop smoking, you will be surprised how food tastes better than while you were using cigarettes. Your senses will be completely restored so you can fully enjoy your life.

benefits of quitting smoking for elderly

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Lower Levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Less CO means more oxygen in your blood. Without high levels of CO, oxygen in blood travels much faster.

More Money

Smoking doesn’t only affect your health, but it also has a negative impact on your wallet. Cigarettes are not cheap and buying a pack every two or three days can be quite costly. Once you retire, your income decreases and you must start paying attention to your costs. No cigarettes means more money that you can use for more meaningful purposes.

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These are only some of the benefits of kicking the habit, but there are plenty more, such as: better breathe, no more stinky clothes, better for the environment, no affecting people around you, and much more.


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