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Reading is a fantastic stimulation for brain cells in people of all ages, and especially so for the elderly. Reading all types of books – from fiction to non-fiction, romance to historical novels – is considered a great workout for the mind. In this article, we have written about benefits of reading for older adults.

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Reduces Stress

If seniors are feeling anxious or are under any stress, they should look for help in books. Reading is an excellent way to release tension from your mind and body. Books force readers to create an imaginary world which gives the brain an amazing stimulant. If they decide to read every day for a couple of hours, they will forget about worries and relieve some of their stress.

The Chance to Learn Something New

A world of knowledge is stored in books, and every senior can find something that interests them. Today you have books on various themes from gardening and fashion to U.S. Presidents and astronauts. And what is most important is that every one of these books can expand your knowledge on a given subject. Not to mention, you have millions of books that can be found in libraries, and in today’s modern era, you even have them online.

Benefits of reading for older adults
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Enhances the Memory

One of the best ways to enhance the memory is by reading. When you get into a specific book, your brain reacts to the plot line and learns new facts. Everyday reading strengthens the brain’s neural network. If this activity becomes a daily occurrence, older adults will notice that it sharpens their memory, enhances cognitive abilities, and boosts retention.

Improves Sleeping

Children are often put to sleep by reading, and this activity is equally beneficial to the elderly. Seniors who have issues with falling asleep should read for 30 minutes before going to bed. The brain will react better to these kinds of stimulants than to TV or a smartphone.

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