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According to various studies, senior health can benefit from drinking a glass of wine with a meal. Yes, the research has shown that health perks of wine are numerous, and it can help the elderly in their golden age. But, it should only be consumed in moderation, as specific risks come with drinking too much wine. This is why we have listed for you a couple of benefits and risks concerned with drinking wine for older adults.


It Improves Heart Health

Red wine is rich in antioxidant resveratrol, which protects the health of the heart, arteries, and veins in your body. Resveratrol can negate the effects that saturated fats have on our system. If your body has too much of these fats, you are at risk of heart attack or stroke, and wine can lower these risks It also reduces the bad cholesterol in your blood.

Wine Lowers Blood Sugar

Diabetes can be slowed down by the alcohol and antioxidants that wine contains. By regularly drinking wine, you can lower your blood sugar levels. Thanks to its properties, wine prevents your intestines from absorbing glucose.

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Benefits and risks of drinking wine for older adults 1
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Negative Effects

Affects Sleep

Drinking too much wine will affect your sleep. People often believe that wine helps them sleep better because they feel sleepy after a few glasses. But, the alcohol in wine disrupts the sleep cycle by shortening REM sleep. If older adults lose sleep, they will have less energy for daily activities.

It Causes Weight Gain

Every wine contains calories. The thing is that our body digests calories from wine differently from those that we intake through food. If seniors want to live healthy lives, they shouldn’t be overweight, and wine can cause this. More weight means more pressure on the heart and other organs, which can damage your health.

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