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One of the biggest misconceptions that seniors have about arthritis is that they should avoid working out. They believe that any physical activity is going to irritate the joint further and worsen the symptoms of arthritis. But the truth is quite the opposite. By exercising, elderly can strengthen their bones and muscles while improving mobility. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best exercise ideas for seniors with arthritis. Try them out!

Yoga Nidra

The first exercise on our list is Yoga Nidra, which is beneficial for elderly with tender and swollen joints. It consists of deep relaxation techniques that reduce the inflammation of joints and help in strengthening the immune system. Healthcare professionals recommend this type of yoga because hot or power yoga creates pressure on joints, which can lead to internal joint heat.

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Pilates is similar to Yoga Nidra. Both techniques make your joints and muscles healthier. Pilates is one of the best ways for older adults to stabilize their joints and also to strengthen the muscles that support joints. In addition to this, Pilates also reduces fatigue, which is considered as a main problem for elderly that suffer from arthritis.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi consists of slow and smooth movements that improve mobility, strengthen the body, and minimize pain in joints. Same as Pilates and yoga, Tai Chi is low impact exercise. As such, it is an ideal workout for seniors.

Water Exercises

If you didn’t know already, the best way to fight arthritis is to exercise in a pool. The waters buoyancy is the main reason for this, as it reduces the pressure on joints. In addition to lowering arthritis effect, swimming or other forms of pool exercises can also improve flexibility and burn calories.

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