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So you’ve just found out that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and you’re looking for last-minute presents? You don’t want to look like a child who doesn’t care about his/her mother. On top of that, you are on a tight budget, which significantly limits your options. So what can you buy your mother as a present? Here are some examples of wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for every budget. Show your mother you love her with these thoughtful gifts.

Gift Baskets

Have you ever made a gift basket? This can be quite a cool present when you are not sure what you should buy. The best thing is they don’t need to cost a lot. Just fill it with things your mother loves. Candies are always a good idea, if Mom likes them of course. Chocolate always brings a smile to everyone’s face. Lotions and soaps with special scents can also be a nice present. If you know your mom’s favorite musician, buy her a music album she doesn’t have and combine it with tea or coffee, for example.

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There are numerous massage parlors everywhere, and their prices are acceptable. A massage will help your mom feel much more relaxed and full of energy. There are even special massages for seniors, so check carefully before making a reservation.


Is your mom a flower-person? Then buy her several pots of flowers. A flower in a pot is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts, and it is a much better present than a bouquet. Flowers in a bouquet soon wither, but those in a pot stay alive for a longer period of time and can remind your mother of her child every day. However, you can consider buying paper flowers as well. They look quite attractive and are definitely a unique gift.

best Mother's Day gifts

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With the boost of social media and smartphones, it seems that no one cares about printed photos anymore. However, that is not entirely true. There are more digital photos than printed ones, there is no doubt about that, but printed photos still bring up certain emotions. Print out a photo of you and your mom, or of your entire family, frame it, write a note, and wrap it. This is very simple, but it can be such a powerful gift.


Have you heard of this technique of decorating boxes, furniture, etc.? Using only napkins and glue, you can refresh your old wooden boxes or even a cupboard. Decorating things with the decoupage technique doesn’t require a lot of skills, and is fast, effective, and quite cheap.


If your mom likes to read, then there is no doubt what the best Mother’s Day gift is for her. Check out the books she already has and determine her favorite genre. Perhaps she likes to read romantic novels, or even mystery thrillers and horror stories. Also, if you know she likes writing her own stories, encourage her with a notebook and a beautiful pen.


If your budget is really at a minimum, and you don’t have enough money to buy anything from above, then think about cooking her dinner. Invite the whole family for a dinner dedicated to your mother, and buy a bottle of wine or champagne. You can also prepare a speech and honor your mother for everything she’s done for you. The words of gratitude will mean much more to her than anything else.

These were 7 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for people who are on a tight budget. You can always combine them or even create your own present based on our ideas. If you need more info, read gift-giving tips for seniors. So what will you give your mom this year?


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