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How big is the role of a diet in senior health? Enormous! You are what you eat, so it is highly recommended that you pay attention what you eat, especially if you are over 50 years old. Recommended nutrition for older adults is quite simple. However, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to give up the things you like the most: fried food, greasy things, sugar, etc. These are only the basic recommendations that will show you the way of improving your health.

What is the Best Nutrition for Older Adults?

Various conditions and diseases are caused by improper diet. Most of the heart-related diseases, that are not genetically caused, happen due to an unbalanced diet. Even osteoporosis and memory problems can be related to bad nutrition. It is also known that eating bad food for a longer period of time can cause some types of cancers.

nutrition for older adults

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The essential components for a human body are proteins, fibers, carbs, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Insufficient intake of only one component can cause severe health problems. In order to get necessary nutrients, it is advised to eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day. You will also benefit from reducing meat consumption and sodas. Sodas are very rich in calories, but have very low nutritional value.

Also do not forget to drink plenty of water. The daily intake of fluids should be around two liters. Restriction of salt to five grams per day can be a life saver. Salt has certain benefits for a human body, but only if consumed moderately.

All in all, these are just the basic guidelines that will help you to start eating and living healthier. For more information, check out the other posts on this blog. It is better to be healthy when you turn 65, don’t you think?


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