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During the spring and in early summer, many people have issues with allergies. When flowers start to bloom, elderly people with allergies will have itchy and watery eyes, while sneezing will become an everyday occurrence. Here are a couple of simple things you can do to lower the effects of allergies.

Best Ways to Stave Off Seasonal Allergies

Close the Windows

When the temperature rises, air conditioners will be needed, but many delay the decision to turn them on in order to save money. Those who have issues with allergies will be better off turning on the AC and closing the windows. If your loved one is allergic to pollen, it’s better to have the windows closed to have less pollen-laden air coming in. Otherwise, it could cause an unstoppable amount of sneezing.

Blow Your Nose

The best way to stave off the symptoms of allergies is to keep your nose clean at all times. If the nose is free of irritants such as pollen, the chances that older adults will have the symptoms of allergies are lower. Many people use natural saline sprays to keep their nose clean and free of irritants.

Best Ways to Stave off Seasonal Allergies 1
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Use a Good Decongestant

Decongestants are over the counter drugs that can be found in every pharmacy. They can provide the necessary help for those who have allergies. These medications help the patient to relieve that stuffy feeling, sinus pressure, and in some cases even infections. By using decongestants, your elderly loved one will breathe more comfortably through the nose and avoid a sore throat, which can happen when seniors breathe through the mouth while the nose is congested.

Try Natural Solutions

People who love to cure themselves naturally will be happy to hear that there are natural solutions for allergies. Some elderly adults find that the effects of allergies can be reduced if they ingest raw honey. Others use different types of oils made out of eucalyptus or lemon.

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