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After the age of 25, the development of our bones drastically slows down. Our bones become fragile, especially after the age of 50, and bone fractures and osteoporosis just worsen everything. In order to avoid these problems, you can use these tips to build stronger bones as a part of your everyday routine.

Building Stronger Bones with Calcium-Rich Foods

In order to build stronger bones, include a variety of dairy products in your nutrition. This especially refers to cheese, yogurt, and low-fat milk. Also, salmon and sardines are quite rich in calcium, as well as broccoli. Apart from these, you can eat almonds and dried figs, which also have some other advantages for your body.

Hiking and Exercising

You don’t need to run every day, but intense walking 30 minutes a day is one of the best methods for building stronger muscles. Try to increase the intensity of the walking every week in order to build stamina. Lifting weights is also recommended, as well as yoga for seniors. By building stronger muscles, you’re encasing your bones in durable protection, so they’re stronger too!

how to build stronger bones
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Calcium Supplements and Vitamin D

As we grow older, our need for calcium increases. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to get everything from food, thus many decide to take supplements. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a physician before using these.

Boosting your vitamin D levels is also one of the ways to build stronger bones. It helps in absorbing calcium and regulates other processes in your body. If you live somewhere up north, it is highly important to keep track of your vitamin D.

Push-Ups, Stomps, and Planks

These exercises help increase bone density in your hips and/or wrists. These areas are prone to fracture among seniors, thus you must pay special attention to these parts.

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Hopefully, now you know how to build stronger bones. Watch your nutrition, exercise regularly, and, if needed, consider taking supplements and Vitamin D.


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