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In the article about helping sick parents, we stressed the importance of building support groups. It is always much easier to share the pain with others, thus support groups are of great importance. However, today we are going to focus on caregiver support groups. The number of caregivers in the US has soared in the last couple of years and they all have several things in common. All caregivers share the need for counselling, information and peer socializing.

What are Caregiver Support Groups?

Caregiver Support Groups are usually informal gatherings of people who are somehow involved with caregiving. They share information among each other which help them to learn and stay up-to-date with newest trends in the caregiving industry. The groups are usually created by people who take care of their loved one at home. They have the need for more information in order to become better caregivers.

What is a Coordinator’s Role?

All caregiver support groups have a coordinator who leads group discussions, publicizes the group, and plans programs. The coordinator must be supportive and empathetic, and decide where and when the group should meet. You can find hints here in looking for a space. Time for the meetings depends on the availability of the participants.


Caregiver Support Groups
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What Should I Know If I Want to Start a Caregiver Support Group?

The most important thing when founding caregiver support groups is to always have in mind the needs of the participants. You must learn how to coordinate the meeting and try to tackle every issue they have interest in. Distributing information is also important and a web page would be the best way to promote your group.

If you just want to find and join support groups in your neighborhood, just Google it. There are more and more groups every year, and you will easily find one that is the best for you.


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