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Many struggle to find a wheelchair accessible vehicle that doesn’t cost a fortune. With all adjustments, a vehicle can cost a few thousands of dollars more than the original price. However, there are several ways to avoid paying an arm and a leg tp get a vehicle tailored to your needs.

Plan to Achieve Self Success (PASS) Program

PASS Program is one of the best ways to collect money for the vehicle, but only if you are on Social Security Disability Income. Check their web site and see how PASS Program works and how it can be set up. Basically, it is a provision that helps people with disabilities to continue their education and/or return to work. You can benefit a lot from PASS, so take some time and review everything that the program covers.


wheelchair accessible vehicle
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OEM Rebate Programs

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturers. They sometimes offer rebate assistance if you are buying a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible. These manufacturers can offer you credits up to $1,000.

Charitable Organizations

There are so many philanthropic groups and charitable organizations that can provide assistance. You just need to google it.  Buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle don’t need to be so costly with their financial assistance. Contact as many organizations as possible and few of them will surely reply.

Veteran Administration

VA provides the assistance to veterans who are disabled. Here you can check the program and what are the circumstances for financial assistance when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Study these programs and see what is the one that suits you the most. Furthermore, you can see with dealerships if they offer financing options for people who are trying to buy an accessible vehicle. There are so many options out there. You just need to do a little research on the Web.


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