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You are an experienced caregiver, the owner of a personal care or health home care agency or someone with knowledge or practical experience providing in home or in facility care. Does this describe you? Then we want to invite you to contribute to our Best Home Care Tips news site. And you do not have to be a writer. Just tell your story.

Right about now you might ask “Why should I do that?”, There are a lot of reasons, here are a few: (1) There is no greater digital world calling or online gift than the gift of sharing knowledge about an expertise or experience. Particularly when you know that your knowledge can improve someone else’s life, maybe even save it. (2) Recognition among your peers and the ordinary families who will benefit from your caregiver know how. (3) Spreading hope and joy. As an in home or in facility care provider your days are filled with human experiences and the need to be compassionate. But some caregiver experiences are emotionally painful, lets remember you there looking after someone who cannot look after themselves. Others days filled with mundane routine. On some occasions something happens causing you to smile. And then there are those days where you are amazed by the miracle of a medical recovery, or the strength of character and love in a family where hope is all that’s left. Each day of a your life as caregiver is filled with these amazing stories. Caregivers’ just need to reflect and take a moment to share them on UJAT Best Home Care Tips. Finally, (4) sharing your caregiver experience and story helps to build your online reputation. Existing and future clients will get to know who you are. And who you are is something that matters. I would rather to let someone I know look after my loved one or me. Would you not?

So remember you do not need to be a professional writer. Just sign up, send in your story. If its half as good as you believe it is we will have one of our profession writers prepare and publish it under your name. What could be easier?

Will we compensate you for a story? Sure, if it is exclusive and has real news value UJAT Best Home Care Tips will consider offering some compensation. We do that with our professional writers.

So please register on UJAT Best Home Care Tips (or log in if you already have an account). And using this form upload your story. Our UJAT editorial staff will review you caregiver story, and if approved, a UJAT professional writer will prepare a final version for publication.

Your article and your name will be shared throughout our national distribution network. And your care provider story will live forever on UJAT. Your stories will survive you, and that is as close to immortality as we can get in this life.

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