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Caring for a loved one who has a terminal illness such as cancer can be tough. The best way to approach this situation is to be sensitive and supportive. Below we have listed seven tips which should help you care for your loved one.

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Caring for a Loved One Who Has a Terminal Illness

1) Act normal.

It is important to remember that someone who is terminally ill is still the same person as before. That’s why it’s crucial to treat them the same as you did before they got sick. Having a terminal illness is hard for the patient, so they are often insensitive towards others’ grief. Be sure not to make all situations about you.

2) Be communicative.

People who suffer terminal illness will often talk about it and their fears, so be sure to be a good listener. It is essential to be there for them at all times. So if you can’t be with them at night, tell them that it’s okay to call at any time.

3) Speak the truth.

Regardless of how severe their illness is, never give the patient false hope. It is better to ignore the subject of cancer rather than provide them with false hope. In some situations, you can remind them of the good life they’ve had.

Caring For a Loved One Who Has Terminal Illness
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4) Be well-organized.

Your loved one will have a lot on their mind, as every terminal patient does. So, be sure that you track their appointments and medications for them, so they can receive the care they need without the worry.

5) Make sure that both of you know their rights.

The administrative burden can be too much for your loved one after their disease is diagnosed. Be of help by taking care of things such as state benefits, care assessments, and taxes.

6) Offer physical support.

If your senior, relative, or loved one is very sick, they will probably need a lot of help. Be there for them to do chores such as washing, grooming, and dressing. Assist with personal hygiene and housekeeping.

7) Help them relax.

What your loved one might enjoy the most are those small moments of relaxation. You can give them this by massaging them or by playing soft music.

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