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Communicating with someone who is deaf can be a struggle. And not only for the person who has recently lost their hearing. Family members also need to find a way to pass a message and a way for their loved one to stay an active part of the family. You cannot prepare yourself for this situation, but you can do a lot to make everyone’s life easier.

We have already written some articles about helping sick parents, and this is one more in the series.

Tips for Communicating With Someone Who Is Deaf

First and foremost is learning a basic sign language. At the beginning, you will probably find difficulty remembering the signs, but as the time passes, it will become much easier. When communicating with someone who is deaf, always talk face to face. It is important to talk clearly and slowly and that the person sees your lips all the time. In addition, try to keep them in a quiet environment without noise.

Sign language
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Writing is also a good, but is a slow way of passing the information. Try to use it at least in the beginning, especially when you have some important things to say.

One of the most important things is to find a good speech therapist. Speech therapists or audiologists can improve communication. Also, try to get hearing aids. They will make everyone’s life much easier.

Be Patient

When communicating with someone who is deaf, you may easily lose your patience, especially if they are sick or tired. Speak loudly, but never shout. Shouting won’t do any help. You can also try to focus on the body language. Non-verbal communication can be quite beneficial in this situation. Be aware of your gestures and how they can be interpreted.

Communicating with someone who is deaf can be difficult at the beginning, but if you make an effort, your life and the life of your loved one will become much easier.

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