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Cooking is beneficial for seniors in many ways. It offers a hobby, and at the same time, they prepare delicious food for their meals. That’s not to mention the savings they will make by eating at home and not at restaurants. But, the most critical thing for elderly that want to cook by themselves is their safety. This is why we have listed some of the most crucial cooking safety tips for seniors.

Close Drawers and Cabinets

Every kitchen is full of cabinets and drawers, and they carry certain risk with them. If left open, they can be hazardous for the elderly, causing them to injure themselves. That is why home care professionals advise seniors to create a habit of always closing cabinets and drawers after they have used the items within. Also, another important thing is to make cabinets and drawers easily accessible for the elderly, so they won’t take an additional risk by standing on a stool or a chair to reach items.

Avoid Distraction

While cooking, older adults should be focused. For their safety, it is essential to avoid distractions. Talking on the phone, doing laundry, or watching TV is not recommended while they cook. If not entirely focused, seniors could injure themselves while preparing food.

Cooking safety tips for seniors
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Be Cautious with Pans and Pots

Yes, it might be hard to believe, but pots and pans can be dangerous. Pot handles should always be kept away from the heat source. Also, while using a stove, they should exercise their pot holders.

Install a Monitored Smoke Detector

In the case of accident or a fire, monitored smoke detectors can save seniors’ lives. The two things that are essential in these situations is that monitored smoke detectors sound an alarm and call the fire department. While these monitors are expensive, they can be life-saving devices.

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