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In a previous article, we focused on caregiver stress (which you can read here). We mentioned there would be more discussion on strategies to deal better with the stress. Coping with caregiver anxiety can be seen as the continuation of this article.  Here you can find additional information on how to avoid anxiety and stress when providing the vital care your loved ones or patients need.

What is Caregiver Anxiety

Anxiety is basically the feeling of doom. If you are anxious, your mental condition gets worse and you are more stressed. This feeling actually means that you believe a low-probability event will happen and will deteriorate current conditions. This happens to all of us in our daily lives, not just to caregivers.

How to Fix it

Look Realistically at Things

The most important thing is to take a break and take deep breaths. Find some time where you can asses all things and see whether they are really as bad as you think. According to studies, only 1% of all are worries come true. Nevertheless, we still continue to stress ourselves over non-important things. Taking situations into account objectively can significantly reduce our anxiety and stress.

Caregiver Anxiety
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Don’t Worry!

If you don’t want to suffer from the caregiver anxiety, then try to have the optimistic view of the world. This is not as difficult as it seems. Just practice every day, and whenever you catch yourself worrying – stop! Worrying doesn’t help anyone and it only makes things worse. Practice positive thinking everyday. Nowadays you have plenty of life coaches talking on this subject and you can easily find their videos on YouTube.

Talk to Others

Remember that you are not the only one who suffers from caregiver anxiety. Try reaching out to others who are taking care of their family members and see how they cope with anxiety and stress. After all, it is much easier to share your burden with someone who truly understands.


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