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People of all ages are prone to dehydration, but seniors have the most issues with this condition. The reasons why seniors get dehydrated vary, from those that are connected to the medications that they are using, to merely forgetting to take in fluids. Because the human body is 70% water, it is essential to stay hydrated in order for our body to function normally. Below we have listed a few creative ways for seniors to stay hydrated.

Creative Ways for Seniors to Stay Hydrated

Infused Water

Water is the best fluid you can drink to stay hydrated, but it can get boring. Making infusions is the best thing you can do to change the flavor of water. All you need to do is to add a slice of a vegetable or fruit to cold water. Some of the best choices for this include cucumber, lemon, and basil. Some elderly adults found coconut water quite tasty. It’s sweet, almost like you are drinking a juice, but it is also healthy because it’s rich in potassium. If you want to make it even tastier, try adding strawberries to the mix.

Creative Ways for Seniors to Stay Hydrated
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Smoothies and Shakes

All you need to make smoothies and shakes are some fruits and vegetables and a high-speed blender. They are tasty and also easy to make. Recipes for the best smoothies are all over the internet and in various books and magazines. If you would like to increase the nutritive value of this beverage, you can add some protein powder. Although many people add dairy to the mix, it should be avoided as it can actually dehydrate seniors due to its high fat content. The best thing to use is juice or coconut water.

Hydrating Foods

In addition to fluids, many foods are good for hydrating. Coffee, strong teas, and soft drinks will accelerate your dehydration. You should avoid these. Instead, try eating more vegetables and fruits as they are 70% water. Adding these to meals can reduce the risks of dehydration.

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