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Many seniors try to get into shape, but they give up quickly because they are easily bored with standard exercises. To tell you the truth, walking around the neighborhood, walking up and down the stairs, or running on the treadmill can be tiring. But luckily for those seniors who are quick to get bored, there are many fun ways for them to be fit and get in shape. Doing the same boring exercises every day isn’t the only way. Healthcare professionals suggest these creative methods.

Creative Ways for Seniors to Get in Shape

Spend time with grandchildren

Many elderly love to spend time with their grandkids. In addition to enjoyment, this can be seen as an exercise for seniors. Children are active and love to play around, so seniors should join in. Being active one day a week can be an excellent workout for the elderly. Depending on the age of their grandchildren, older adults can walk a toddler in a stroller, or throw a football with a teenager.

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Creative Ways for Seniors to Get in Shape 1
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Walk around the mall

A mall is a place where people go to spend money, but it can also serve as an exercise polygon. The mall is perfect for rainy days because the elderly can freely walk without being contained in the small dimensions of a typical gym.


While people usually associate dance with weddings or anniversaries, it’s not just that. Dancing can be done as a useful and fun exercise. In addition to lessons where seniors can dance with their peers and learn a specific style, they can also dance by themselves to their favorite music in their homes.

Join a sports team

Doing sports might seem unlikely during old age, but elderly can join a softball, kickball, or a golf team, and be active with friends this way. None of the activities listed above are contact sports and thus are perfect for older people.

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