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In the last few years, there has been a vast improvement in the quality of care offered for seniors. Both assisted living and in-home care are now on a much higher level, making them a tempting option for those with aging loved ones or who need care themselves.

Deciding between assisted living and in-home care depends the most pressing needs. Your seniors’s necessities are what comes first, and if you go by them, you will find the best and most cost-efficient solution.

The level of care that you will receive is the same in both choices. What you can reduce are the service costs. Also, you can choose the desired environment, in which your elderly will feel most comfortable.

Typically, the patients that need skilled nursing opt for in-home health care, because they are often those who recover from surgery or a fall. This type comes with a doctor’s recommendation, and in most cases is covered by Medicare. Patients with dementia, or those that need oversight and medication management but are capable of semi-individual living, opt for assisted living.

Here are the benefits that both offer:

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Difference Between Assisted Living and In-Home Care

In-Home Senior Care

  • The service is provided in the comfort of your home.
  • The cost of in-home care is lower compared to assisted living. After all, the much-needed help is being delivered in your own environment, not an expensive facility.
  • The care, in all of its vast range, can be customized per patient’s desires to the smallest of details.

Assisted Living for Seniors

  • It offers help with daily chores such as eating, dressing, and bathing.
  • It can provide socialization, with a chance of forming bonds and relationships.
  • The seniors can improve their fitness by various physical activities.
  • The environment in assisted living homes offer safety for the elderly.
  • The staff that comes with assisted living is available 24/7.
  • The privacy of these facilities is similar to that you would have at home.

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