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There are so many terms in the caregiver industry; sometimes you cannot tell the difference between them. Home care, health care, hospice care, respite care… The list continuous on and on. In an article published some time ago, you can learn the difference between home healthcare and non-medical in-home care. This time, we will focus on the difference between home health and hospice care, and try to briefly explain each of these.

The Main Difference Between Home Health and Hospice Care

Hospice is comfort care for patients who are terminally ill. The program is focused on ensuring they live comfortably in the last period of their life, and does not aim to cure the illness.

On the other hand, home health care is focused on the patients who need nursing care, or any other service prescribe by their doctor. Patients are not terminally ill and caregivers try to improve their health condition.

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difference between home health and hospice care
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How Long Is Care Provided?

The difference between hospice and home healthcare can be also found in how long the care is provided. In case of hospice, patients receive care for six months. However, this can be prolonged. Basically, the patients are tended to for as long as the doctor says they are terminally ill.

Home healthcare isn’t usually time-limited. The period of the care depends on the goals a patient or doctor wants to achieve.

Can These Services Be Provided Outside of a Patient’s Home?

When it comes to home healthcare, the service can’t be provided in any other facility. However, on the other hand patients can receive hospice care in nursing homes or some other facilities.


The difference between home health and hospice care is huge. These are just the most important points. If you want to learn more about hospice, explore the pros and cons of hospice care.


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