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A lot of UJAT Care clients tell me that the visitor traffic on their home healthcare agency website is low and they don’t get many clients from these visitors. Often I just hear, “The phone is not ringing.”

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They wonder, out loud, how to get more people to find their in-home caregiver website. They want them to like their company Facebook page, maybe follow their homecare agency on Instagram. Definitely, the most common question is:

Why are some other agencies better ranked on the Google search page than mine?

Internet Experts

Of course, the internet makes us all experts, right? Watch a few YouTube video tutorials about SEO and how to use Facebook in advertising, and everyone is an expert. Interestingly, self-taught with no experience in SEO seems to not help very much. Also, spending $99 a month for an SEO expert does little to help. Do it yourself SEO and digital marketing, in general, are both very frustrating and costly. And SEO and digital marketing are full-time jobs. They are hard to squeeze into the routine of running a home healthcare company and managing dozens of caregivers and clients.

Well, the good news is that if you joined the UJAT Care, or even another specialized online network, then you don’t need to do anything about the online marketing of your home healthcare services or caregivers. The great thing about being part of a free online in-home healthcare community platform is that the platform—in this case UJAT Care—looks for ways to market your home healthcare business as one of its members. And if you joined the right caregivers’ network, like UJAT, then your website will benefit from link exchanges. That’s where UJAT Care provides multiple links to your website.

Focus on Your Expertise

This lets you be the best at providing services to seniors and anyone else in need. It leaves digital marketing to the experts in digital marketing. You stay focused on your client’s needs and improving your staff of caregivers. So let someone else worry about promoting your agency on the internet.

In closing, all I can say is this. It is extremely important to know what tool is best to use for sending messages to your target audience. If you choose the wrong digital marketing tool, and/or design the wrong message, then you will not only waste your time and money, but you may lay waste to your online reputation.

So let the experts do everything for you. If you are determined to go it alone and spend the not insignificant time and money to go outside of the UJAT Care or other home healthcare network, then hire an experienced digital marketer who can help your homecare startup find the right clients that need your caregivers.