Older adults who live alone should get an animal roommate. Dogs are perfect companions for seniors because they can provide the elderly with a sense of being needed. But before taking a dog in, seniors should consider which breed suits them best. Seniors with impaired mobility should avoid energetic kinds. Below we have listed dog breeds that are ideal for seniors.

Dog Breeds That Are Ideal for Seniors

Shiba Inu

Even fully grown these small Japanese dogs don’t weight more than 18 pounds. Shiba Inu’s have a good reputation behind them. They are loyal, alert, and affectionate. But if they are not trained well, they can become territorial and aggressive. Luckily they are easy to train and are not prone to health issues, so they can be a great companion during a walk for exercise.

American Eskimo

This breed is better known as American Spitz. These medium-size dogs can reach a weight of up to 30 pounds. Their main traits are intelligence, friendliness, and alertness. What might be a problem for older adults is that their thick coats require grooming, and they also need a lot of exercise.

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Irish Terrier

Irish Terriers have a curly coat, but this shouldn’t worry the elderly as it sheds very little. In full maturity, they weigh 25 pounds. They are cheerful, loyal, and playful. What might be an issue for elderly that have mobility problems is that they either need to be taken for regular walks or allowed to run in a large yard.


This name might not be familiar to everyone because the name of this Mexican dog breed is hard to pronounce. Their maximum weight is set at 30 pounds, and they come in different colors. Their primary traits are happiness, alertness, and loyalty. They also can be overly protective. Seniors will be happy to hear that this breed requires only moderate exercise.

Icelandic Sheepdog

With a weight of 25 pounds in adulthood, this breed fits in the mid-size dog group. They are easy to train and are also very friendly. But they come with a luscious coat that needs regular brushing. They are also prone to retinal dysplasia.

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