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Among a plethora of drinks available in today’s world, there are drinks that the elderly should avoid. The reason is that some of those beverages can do more harm than good to seniors. Home health care aides recommend water, green tea, and homemade smoothies. But unlike these beverages, the ones we listed below are not so good for your health and well being.

Drinks You Should Avoid in Later Years

Flavored Coffee Drinks

Starting a day with flavored coffee is a daily routine for many seniors. However, what elderly adults don’t think of is that these drinks are full of chocolate, syrup, and whipped cream, which, combined, makes them unhealthy. Seniors who consume flavored coffee everyday intake more calories than they should, and increase the risk of diabetes.

Energy Drinks

With age, many older adults feel a lack of energy, and they often try to compensate it by consuming energy drinks. While, in the short term, they will receive the needed strength – in the long term, they are not healthy. Energy drinks are full of sugar, calories, they create addiction, and cause anxiety and headaches.

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Vitamin Water

Many people believe that vitamin water is healthy. It is not! Yes, it contains vitamins, but that doesn’t make it healthy. The reason is that it is also full of sugar. The daily need for vitamin intake should be gained through a nutritious diet rather than by relying on vitamin water.

Zero-Calorie Drinks

Many elderly adults think that they won’t gain a pound by consuming zero-calorie drinks. At first, it might seem like that, but after prolonged consumption of these drinks, you will have side effects. The most common is hunger; after relying on zero-calorie drinks, your body will crave only high-calorie foods such as pizza, chips, french fries, and various fried foods.

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