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Seniors are the age group most affected by dementia. This condition lowers their mental abilities. It sometimes comes in a company of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. In other cases, it can appear after a stroke or because of vitamin deficiency. Here, we are going to talk about early signs of dementia in older adults.

Difficulty Finding Words

Finding the right words can sometimes be difficult for people of any age. But if your elderly loved one has issues with this in everyday conversations, it might be a symptom of this disease. Seniors often feel frustrated by the inability to express normal thoughts, recall places, names, or can’t name ordinary objects. Older adults who are in early stages of dementia have issues with leading everyday conversations. They sometimes need an explanation of a term they are familiar with.

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Repetitive Conversation and Tasks

Dementia affects part of the brain in charge of memories. When elderly adults start to forget things, it can lead to repetition. The first sign that they have dementia is when seniors begin repeating stories, or ask the same questions as always. You may also notice your loved one repeating daily tasks.

Early signs of dementia in older adults
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Mood and Personality changes

Most of the older adults in this state suffer from memory loss, but they also experience mood and personality changes. What often follows dementia is depression. A person who was once joyful and loud can become quiet and sad.

Lost Sense of Direction

This sign of dementia needs to be spotted on time, or it can have fatal consequences. People with dementia can forget a path or a route that they have used for years when they start to feel the consequences of this condition. When they no longer recognize familiar places, or visit one but can’t remember how they got there, you might consider hiring a caregiver.

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