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Ever since spring has come, I tend to jog in a park close to my home. It is quite green, remote, and far from the busy streets. Throughout the whole day, the park is full of people jogging, walking their dogs, and exercising.

Several times, I have caught a glimpse of a group of older adults practicing Tai Chi under the trees in the afternoon hours. This has led me to research the effects of this Chinese martial art for seniors. This is sort of an introduction to Tai Chi exercises for seniors.

What Are the Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi?

The ancient internal martial art is a self-defense technique known for its health benefits. Not only does it have a positive impact on improving balance and preventing falls, but it also improves flexibility, happiness, the immune system, and can help people with sleeping disorders. Your heart and the whole cardiovascular system will be healthier, and your legs should be much stronger. Tai Chi also improves the ability to concentrate. And it is not expensive or difficult at all!

What Equipment Do I Need for Tai Chi?

There is specially designed equipment for Tai Chi, but the good news is that you don’t need to buy it. Everything you need, you already have in your wardrobe.

First of all, when picking shoes for exercise, choose the ones that are the most comfortable. They should be light and easy to balance in. Many prefer to practice this martial art barefoot so, if you are among them, you can skip this article of clothing.

Second, the clothes you choose shouldn’t be tight. If your clothes are tight, your movements won’t be as smooth. Loose clothes are recommended since they don’t restrict the movements of the body. Once you master this martial art, you may even consider buying special Tai Chi clothes.

Tai Chi Videos for Beginners

In the first video, you can see three people, two of them sitting on chairs. They are all performing the same exercises, but with slight modifications. The instructor also gives verbal explanations, so it is easy for seniors to follow. You can complete the whole video and do all of the exercises, but have in mind that you can stop whenever you feel comfortable.

The scene in the second video is similar to what I see more or less whenever I go jogging. Older adults practicing Tai Chi in a park. The video has a subtitle, Self-healing, and explains some very basic Tai Chi exercises for seniors. This video is quite short compared to the first one, but it will give you all the info a beginner needs to know when starting Tai Chi.

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The last video consists of two parts. Unlike in the previous two, there is only one instructor here. In the first part of the video, the instructor shows exercises for beginners. The second part contains more advanced exercises that are not compulsory. The background of this video is quite magnificent with so much green color and the sea in the distance.

Tai Chi exercises are not difficult, but you need to adapt them to your condition. If you cannot do an exercise like the instructor, try to modify it. (See some modifications in the first video.)

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s simple, and it has numerous health benefits. What other reason do you need? Start practicing today! If you prefer yoga, then check out all the benefits yoga has for seniors.

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