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Since winter is well and truly here, that means so are the cold and dreary days. This can make it difficult for some elderly to stay motivated and productive. But, some seniors can overcome the gloom of winter and complete their daily tasks without a fault. For those that find winter to be the most difficult, we have compiled a list on how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle during this season.

How Elders Can Stay Motivated When It’s Cold

Program Your Alarm Clock with Your Favorite Song

According to studies, seniors are more likely to ignore or postpone their alarm when they hear the annoying sound that standard melodies produce. If you put one of their favorite songs as an alarm on their smartphones, the probability is higher that they will get out of bed immediately and in high spirits.

How Elders Can Stay Motivated When It’s Cold 1
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Recreate Sunlight

It is natural that during the winter months, there are fewer sunny days, while gloomy and dark days last for weeks. Some elderly find it hard to be motivated when the weather is like this. Luckily, in today’s market, there are many products that can recreate sunlight. Lamps and various lanterns inside the house can make older adults feel like it’s sunny weather on the outside. When they get into the groove that it’s bright, their internal clock will follow, and they will be able to have a fulfilling day.

Shower and Get Dressed

Both young and older adults should avoid staying in their pajamas for the entire day. The best way to start your morning is to take a shower, comb your hair, brush the teeth, and get dressed afterward.

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Be Productive with a Friend or Family Member

The best way for elderly to have fulfilling and active winter days is to have a friend or family member who will spend time with them. Having someone who will workout and go to the grocery store with them will motivate the elderly to get out of the bed and go outside.

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