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We all know that exercise can help in preventing heart diseases, which is especially important for seniors. However, doctors are mostly focused on treating patients that have experienced strokes and heart attacks, and they care less about the prevention. Physical activity is great for many things, and of course you know exercise helps your heart. Not only your heart – exercising also helps in reducing stress and depression.

Am I Too Old for Exercising?

Regular physical activity is not only important for younger generations; seniors over 65 years benefit from exercises as well. As you grow older, it becomes tougher for you to perform certain activities (see what exercises you should avoid after 50). However, walking for several miles every day can be enough,  if you walk regularly. If you are still in shape, try mountaineering. Yoga is also a good way of exercising for seniors and has a lot of benefits. There are so many options for keeping your heart healthy.

How Can Exercise Help Your Heart?

When diagnosed with a heart disease, one of the helpful things is to be active as much as you can. Regular exercise is significant for the elderly with a heart disease who want to reduce the symptoms. Medicines are there to help, but never underestimate the power of physical activity.

exercise helps your heart

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Being physically active helps in increasing stamina and strength, especially after having a heart attack. You will find everyday activities easier than before. Stairs will become lesser problem, carrying grandchildren as well. The overall quality of life will increase since it helps fighting against stress and depression. It is also a good training for preventing falls.

Start exercising now! Not next week, not tomorrow, but now. Your heart will be grateful and you will increase your chances of living longer. And it is not that difficult, isn’t it?


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