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Exercising is good for your health regardless of your age, but is it especially important if you are over 50 years old. Yoga for seniors is one of the best ways to stay in shape, but you can also do plenty of other exercises. However, being an older adult means you also need to be extra careful and know what exercises you should avoid after 50 years of age. Here is a list of exercises you should never do in your later years.


While jogging is recommended, doing sprints is an exercise seniors should avoid.  The risk of getting an injury increases when doing sprints, especially if you are not warmed up enough. Doctors recommend moderate jogging, but you will never hear them saying: “Run as fast as you can.”

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Heavy Lifting

When lifting weights, find the optimal combination of actual weight and repetitions. Avoiding heavy lifts means avoiding injuries. Heavy lifting is definitely among the exercises you should avoid after 50, as your muscle tissue can tear apart – among many other risks. There are many other ways for the elderly to build muscle.

exercises you should avoid after 50
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Plyometric Exercises

You may have seen these exercises at CrossFit trainings. The plyometric exercises include a lot of jumping and are great for building strength. However, if they are not well performed, injuries are quite likely to occur.

Pull-Ups Behind the Neck

The last, but not least: pull-ups behind the head. This means that you lift yourself up with a bar behind your neck. This is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at any costs. You may see others in the gym doing it, or even pull-downs with a bar behind the neck, but do not try to repeat this exercise. Regular pull-ups will be just enough for you.

If you have arthritis, find out here what the best exercises are for you.


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