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Older adults can improve the quality of their vision and reduce the strain on their eyes by exercising the muscles and nerves in their eyes. Here we have listed for you a couple of easy exercises that promote healthy vision.

Exercises That Promote Healthy Vision

Apply Warmth

This one is quite simple. Have your loved one rub his hands together to generate heat. After they have warmed them enough, seniors should close their eyes and gently press their warm hands onto their eyelids. The heat generated from their palms should ease the eye muscles, and the eye gets lubricated while closed. They should repeat this exercise two to three times a day.

Roll the Eyes

The eye roll should be performed with eyes opened. The first round should consist of five to ten turns in a clockwise direction. After that, they should repeat the number of rolls in the opposite direction. This will help them to loosen the eye muscles and prevent eyestrain.

Exercises that promote healthy vision
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Look in Different Directions

The elderly should try to look in different directions without moving their head. They should focus their eyes on one side and continue to look that way for a few seconds. After that, they should shift their focus up and keep looking up for another couple of seconds. After these two steps, they should turn their gaze in the direction opposite from the one where they first looked. The exercise should be completed by looking down at their feet. After they have viewed all four directions, they should try to cross their eyes for 10 seconds. This workout will relax the muscles in their eyes and improve the clarity of their vision.

Shift Focus

It is essential for older adults to strengthen their eye focus. The best way to start practicing focus is to have your loved one hold a pencil at an arm’s length from their eyes and have them focus on it. Then, they should slowly move it closer until it reaches five inches from their nose. After that, they should slowly move it away again at arm’s length.

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