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Falls are the most frequent cause of injury in the elderly. With age, our reflexes become slower, muscles weaken, we start taking medications that have side effects, and all of this together can cause a fall. With seniors, most falls cause injuries that are more severe than they would be at a younger age. And, unfortunately, in most cases, these falls end with a trip to the emergency room. This is why all home care health providers have priority in teaching seniors the ways they can prevent falls, so as to lower the risk of having a severe injury. This is essential because, in some cases, a simple slip can be a life-threatening event for older adults. Below we have listed of four tips to help you.

Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly


When there is clutter around the house, this can easily cause falls and trips. If you want to avoid this, de-clutter your house. The best way to do so is by cleaning your house of these items permanently or storing them in a closet or cabinet: old newspapers, magazines, games, books, or clothing.

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Install Safety Grab Bars

The importance of safety grab bars is obvious. Seniors use them to get on or off the toilet, for stepping in and out of the shower, or for walking down and up the stairs. If your elderly lacks balance, safety grab bars could save their life.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Every house has a million things that could cause your loved one to fall. That’s why it would be ideal if items such as rugs and loose carpets could be removed from the walking areas of the home.

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Wear Shoes

Many older adults wear socks around the house. Socks are comfy and easy on the feet, but wearing shoes could prevent them from slipping and falling.

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