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Getting on an airplane and flying can be a challenging experience for people of all ages. However, it is a little bit more overwhelming for seniors, especially for those who have physical or mental health conditions. But, luckily for our aging loved ones, there are many things that can be done to make their next flight enjoyable. If you continue reading our article, you will find flying tips for seniors that can help before their trip.

Flying tips for seniors – Booking

Asking for special accommodations before booking a flight is what seniors should do. What these accommodations might include are seats on the front end of the plane, seats with extra legroom, or places close to the door. Also, seniors who need a wheelchair should ask for an attendant to help them get around the airport and to board the plane.

Checking In

Today, many airlines have unique services that should make it easy for seniors to check in. They will assist by meeting them at the curb, help them with their luggage, and escort them to the airplane. Some airlines even offer you boarding passes that are checked in advance.

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Going Through Security

When a senior is going up through a security check, they will be allowed to have their caregiver or aide with them. But, this will only be permitted if a care professional or family member has their government-issued ID that has a full name and birth date. Before going to the security check, senior adults will need to know that their medications go separately for screening.


The best thing for seniors to do when an airplane lands is to wait for other passengers to leave the plane. If they do this, it will allow flight attendants to assist them. Also, if seniors are going to be greeted by a family member at the gate, they need to notify the airport 48 hours in advance and come to the airport one hour before the flight arrives.

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