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If your elderly loved one has diabetes, there are specific changes to their lifestyle that need to happen. The focal point of their new habits needs to be their diet. They need to become more careful about what they put into their body. Because of that, we have compiled a list of foods & drinks that seniors with diabetes must avoid.

Fruit Juice

When people go on a diet, they try to consume as much fruit as they can. But for seniors with diabetes, this might not be such a good idea. Many older adults are not aware of how much sugar there is in fruits. Even if they make their own 100% pure fruit juice with no additives, they could still increase their blood sugar levels. The fruit juice should only be consumed if their blood sugar drops below a healthy level.

Fried Foods

When diagnosed with diabetes, seniors should pay attention to what they eat. The number of calories and fats they are consuming should be carefully measured. The foods that people often associate with sodium, such as potato chips and french fries, are often rich in sugars in addition to containing trans fats, grease, and carbohydrates.

Foods & drinks that elderly with diabetes must avoid 1
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Consuming alcohol in unhealthy doses can cause various problems for your body. Drinking too much can be fatal for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. Many alcoholic beverages are rich in carbohydrates which can affect the levels of sugar in your body. Of course, it is healthy, and even desirable to have a glass of wine now and then, but all within the limitations of your health.


The first thing that doctors recommend to diabetes patients is to avoid soda. Diet soda sounds like something that shouldn’t be avoided, but just to be sure, seniors with diabetes should avoid any type of soda. Even if you take only a glass of this drink a day, it can have a damaging effect on your blood sugar levels.

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